Popular Questions

All of our frames are priced equally, ensuring that our recommendations are based purely on what’s best for you, not on price. You can trust that we are committed to helping you find the perfect eyewear.

General Questions

How Does It Work?
We've made the process easy for you: simply bring your current, valid, 'signed' prescription. For single vision lenses, we carry 95% of prescriptions and can make your glasses in just 20 minutes! If you need varifocals or have a complex prescription that's outside our usual stock (like prism corrections, high cylinder, or extreme prescriptions), we're happy to order them for you. They'll arrive in just 7-10 working days. While these special orders may be a bit more expensive, they are still priced very competitively.
Do You Make Varifocals?
Absolutely! We've recently partnered with Essilor to provide premium Varilux lenses, offering you digitally surfaced lenses at a significant discount compared to other retailers. Please keep in mind that varifocals are custom-made to your specific prescription. They are not kept in stock, which means they take a little longer to prepare—typically 7-10 days.
How Long Do The Glasses Take To Make?
If we have the lenses in stock, we can prepare them in just 20 minutes! Our inventory covers prescriptions from -6.00 to +5.00 and includes up to a 3.00 Cylinder. We also offer thinner lenses for higher prescriptions.
Do You Sell Specs For Under 16’s?
Regrettably, we do not provide eyewear services to individuals under the age of 16. However, you are welcome to purchase just the frame from us and then visit an NHS registered optician who accepts vouchers for the lenses.

Pre-sales Questions

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